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First Impressions

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Here I am, writing my first blog for AQUARIUS Home Staging and Decorating.

I started this home staging business here in the UK after being involved in it while living in America, but that was through estate agents, or shall I say, realtors. Before that I had my own interior design company but it’s been a while since I ran a business of my own and things have certainly changed since then. A lot. It is almost impossible to achieve success without substantial online presence. Blogging is one of those activities, I am told, that brings you up the ladder on Google searches. Well, I am not doing this purely for selfish reasons. While in the process of establishing Aquarius Home Staging I did lots of online research and reading, trying to gauge the extent and popularity of home staging in the UK and I found blogs of other professionals really helpful. I appreciated the advice they were giving and the insight into the business and realised that I’d like to share my experiences too. Besides, I like to write (‘talk’ is probably more a accurate word) and I offer uninvited advice all the time anyway, so I thought why not put it to good use, it might help somebody. Or just keep my readers amused, which is also beneficial, we all need a bit of a laugh and easy reading to relax!

I will try to keep my blogs short and sweet, tackling a small issue each time, or re-telling an anecdote (none of us has time to write or read long stuff so this one is probably the longest ever from me, because of the introduction). I hope you will find them informative and useful, whether you are a property owner trying to sell or let and looking for ideas or another professional just starting a business and looking for advice, or an already established one snooping to see what I do (no harm in that, I do it all the time myself).

So here it is, my input for today:

First Impressions Count

First impressions count and, we have all read this millions of times, a buyer makes their decision within the first few seconds of seeing the property. Yet, so many people forget about this when they put their house for sale, they believe they have done it all by tidying the living room and prettifying the bedroom. They often overlook that most important bit – the entrance hall.

You may have cleared the unsightly clutter that coats and shoes create and think that’s enough, but it is not,

an empty space, regardless of how tidy it may appear, is by no means appealing. It does not say ‘welcome’ to potential buyers or tenants. Yes, the space may appear bigger without that overloaded grandad’s coat stand or shoe cabinet, but it is not all about that. The feel of warmth and comfort is so important, it greets your viewers and it invites them to go further and want to live in your house. So, put a pretty, small side table against a wall or, if you must, use your shoe cabinet, put a large mirror above it to add brightness and an illusion of space and a vase with some gorgeous flowers on top (it’ll detract the attention from that ugly shoe cabinet).

A scented candle will add to the feel of warmth and welcome.

TIP: I would not light the candle - you don’t want it to look over-staged, a good quality candle radiates a subtle scent even when not lit.

Have a look at my Instagrampost (aquariushomestaging) with a hall cabinet in aqua colourwith the caption First Impressions… for an example.

The same post will reveal more advice, a step further in perfecting that look, but I will write about that in my next blog.

Hope you’ll like it.

Maria Ward

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