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Winter Trends for Outside Spaces

Home staging has the role to address anything that may put potential buyers off. It involves getting rid of clutter, maximising furniture layout, dealing with odours – anything that would detract from making a “wow moment”. Then furniture is added where needed, as well as accessories and artwork to truly make it stand out.

Home staging is not only this though, it makes sure that the exteriors – the first thing viewers see – are shown to their full potential, too.

As we are now heading into winter, before I list the standard, 'must' do jobs for outside spaces, here are some of the things that have become popular with buyers lately, especially at this time of the year:

- Firepits and patio heaters seem to be more important lately than classic barbecues;

- Cosy seating areas with throws and cushions;

- Outdoor rugs;

- Garden lights are a must with nights drawing in earlier - strings of lights along the fences and in the trees, hurricane lamps and candles, as well as uplighters or torches strategically positioned to highlight interesting plants.

And here are the usual jobs to do, at any time of the year, before putting property on the market. They may sound simple and obvious but surprisingly large number of sellers do not think of this even though they can completely change the way a property looks from the outside and make it truly stand out from others on the market:

- cleaning pathways leading to the house

- freshening up the paint on the front door and any front walls/fences and gates

- making unsightly things like bins more discreet by putting them in the far corner of the

front garden, near a hedge or in a bin cupboard

- cleaning the windows

- putting flower boxes at the front windows

- cutting the grass in the garden and clearing in general

- creating a seating area and actually putting a table and chairs there

- planting a few inexpensive flowering plants to add interest, these can be in pots which can then be taken to the new property.

For more information how I can help you prepare your property for sale contact:

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