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How We Work


We Visit the Property


We offer an initial 30-minute visit       FREE of CHARGE


During this visit we will have a look at the property, discuss your requirements, explain how we work and give a general overview of what could be done to make it more attractive for potential buyers or tenants when it goes on the market for sale or rent.


We work to your budget

We will discuss this with you so that it can be taken into consideration when creating a further plan of action - home staging proposal and quotation.



Crafting Desk

We Prepare Staging Proposal and Quotation


After the visit, we will write up a Home Staging Proposal which will list furniture, furnishings, home accessories and artwork to be used for staging.

The Quotation will include furniture rental as well as rental of furnishings and home accessories as listed in the Proposal, plus delivery, installation, pick-up at the end of the rental and home staging period and professional fees.


If relevant to the property, the Proposal will include suggestions for interior decorating (and exterior, if needed), repairs and works needed to be done to make the property look its best.

We can provide a separate Quotation for these services and manage the work.





Yellow Couch

We Transform the Property


If you are happy with the Home Staging Proposal we will prepare the paperwork ( Home Staging Services Agreement ) and organise for the staging to be done on the agreed date

It is all done in 1-2 days


We will bring in furniture, accessories and art and install everything and take them away at the end of the agreed period - you can just sit back and leave all the hassle to us.

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