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Staging Homes for Different Generations


While home staging is the art of presenting homes for sale in their best light, the challenge stagers face is the need to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. For example, a target demographic for a typical 3-bedroom London property can vary from a professional couple or a young family to a retired couple looking to downsize. This means different generations and different needs and tastes. While Baby Boomers may appreciate timeless classics and more traditional décor, younger generations may prefer minimalist design and trendy, Instagram-ready spaces.


Regardless of differences in taste, there are a few common denominators which are welcomed by all:


-       Clutter-free, neutral base, which will allow most people to see the space with their own style additions. There should still be a pop of colour, through art or accessories, to add interest and attract online browsers to view the property.


-       Cohesive look – creating a flow throughout the property is important, especially in smaller homes. This can be achieved by using the same main wall colour in all rooms or repeating one of the accent colours in different areas. Also, keeping the same simple, harmonious design and accentuating the overall feel of comfort and homeliness by using comfortable seating and cosy soft furnishings will appeal to all generations.



-       Versatile spaces - usually found in the spare bedroom which can be dressed to show that it can be adapted to different needs. Using a large desk and sofa bed indicates that the room can be used as a home office or a space for creative pursuits, but it can easily become a spare bedroom when needed. It is multifunctional and apart from the young professionals, it has the appeal for young families - they will be able to see it as a great kid's room, while a retired couple may want to use it for their hobbies.

Another area where multi-use for different generations can come into play is a conservatory or a garden room – here, plants will create the necessary visual impact. 


-       Sustainable design and eco-friendly features will resonate with most people – this can be achieved by using upcycled pieces of furniture here and there, plants and natural materials. Colours that reflect nature are popular now, but this is not just a current fad, they are always pleasing, and most people would like them.

-       Energy-efficient upgrades and latest technology will add to the convenience and overall appeal of the property.


In essence, the best way of tailoring home staging to different generations is by allowing for versatile use of spaces and design elements, but also adhering to some fundamental rules of staging and design that appeal to most people regardless of their age or personal preferences. 

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