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New Colour Trends For Interiors - 2022

Every year, Pantone releases it’s ‘colour of the year’ – and this year it is bursting with energy. ‘Very Peri’ is a mixture of a periwinkle blue and a vibrant red undertone, to create warmth and depth. In the same line, Farrow and Ball are promoting 'Periwinkle' and Dulux 'Bright Skies'. This may not be everyone's first choice, so it is good to know that there is a real resurgence of vibrant, earthen colours trending. Terracotta red, clay tones, pinks and warmer neutrals all serve to make rooms feel more cosy and homely. This is a year of deep hues, natural inspiration, whether that be from warming browns or jewel tones and a return to spaces which make us feel comforted.

Simple, natural colours and textures are particularly important when dressing properties for sale, because a key element in staging – and why it is so effective, is its ability to make a space feel like a home. Colours which naturally relax and embrace are central, and they are soft enough to use liberally – across a feature wall, or even a whole room!

As we see, colours have a huge impact on our emotions, so this move to warmth, without sacrificing vibrancy, is really exciting.

And now for my personal favourite of late: sage green. It is in keeping with the natural and calming colours and it has the added quality of being gentle as well as comforting. I think it will be a pleasant replacement for the dominant neutral greys we have seen over the recent years. It is soothing, and also light, for those that are not big fans of deeper hues but want to be in keeping with the chalky-neutral trends. It also works so well when paired with plants in a room - bringing greenery and connection with nature has shown to be a winner, whatever the current trend

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