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Staged houses sell faster

Home Staging

The act of preparing a property for sale, giving potential buyers the best possible first impression

A Fresh Perspective

A trained eye and a fresh point of view can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and transforming your property with minimal changes 


to Aquarius Home Staging 

We can help you increase the appeal of your property so you can sell or let faster and achieve the highest possible value for it. When you are selling your property you don't want to invest in a full and expensive interior design project. Sometimes just careful property styling can transform a property into an elegant and inviting home which stands out from the competition. And standing out from the similar properties in the area is crucial in the real estate market, especially in London.

Getting that final look which will appeal to most potential buyers or tenants does not have to cost much. We will work with what you have to achieve great home improvements - carefully re-positioned furniture to enhance the space or a small change here and there can bring tremendous results and our previous interior design experience and trained eye come into this. We can save you a lot of money by choosing the right decor for the property and taking the headache of the work away from you.


 - removing or re-arranging the furniture to maximise the space (we can temporarily store some pieces)


 - decluttering


 - minor repairs to the obvious faults and paint touch-ups


 - adding some modern accessories and art, even pieces of furniture if needed; it is possible to just rent some pieces and save the cost of buying new ones if they are not needed in future


 - adding colour and warmth through cushions, curtains and flowers


 - taking care of the front appeal of the property as well as the garden




Whether they are brand new or just refurbished, empty rooms are not very welcoming - most people cannot visualise how a space would look like when the furniture is in place, beds made, windows dressed and flowers arranged - our home staging and furniture rental services can help transform these properties into welcoming homes.